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Build A Pro

Build A Pro Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Apprenticeship Intermediary in Salina, Kansas built to address the growing labor shortage and support the continued economic expansion of our community. We come alongside employers to develop and manage thriving registered apprenticeships within their current businesses, empowering the employer to focus on developing their skilled labor and growing in their industry. The Build A Pro Divisions are specialized to come along side apprentices with customized wrap-around services for each individual by partnering with local organizations as providers.

We believe the apprenticeship model aligned with the individual's talent creates the ideal formula for long-term workforce placement success. Build A Pro is not limited by a sole focus on any one individual industry.

Our Services

Our Services

All apprentices will be placed within a registered apprenticeship (RA) track with a Build a Pro Case Manager to help them navigate the program. Registered apprenticeships include a W2 full-time job with benefits and graduated pay based on progression in the program, an On-the-Job mentor providing training, course work through an accredited program for related technical instruction, and earning stackable credentials tailored to their apprenticeship track. Apprentices will also have access to personalized supportive courses.

The Lazarus Project

A unique path to career and life success. This program supports persons with battling addiction, incarceration, or homelessness.

Individuals who pursue being a Lazarus Pro will also commit to an intensive course aimed at restoring not only the person to the workforce, but also hope to the person.


Programming in partnership with our local school district, giving young people the ability to start their careers early. Many occupations will allow full apprentice status to youths as young as 16. The district already has several programs for dual and concurrent enrollment for 4-year college degree programs, and apprenticeship is one additional avenue to connect individuals with meaningful work.



Many of our country’s bravest are experiencing confusion, frustration, and roadblocks when discharging from the military trying to enter civilian life and careers. This program will integrate with their experience in the service by translating their military experience and giving them credit for the valuable skills and training they already put so much time into earning.



The American Dream is still alive and well, with so many workers desiring to become fully integrated into our wonderful country, there are too few legal routes to citizenship that allow an individual to work and earn both respectable pay and respected credentials. Through our Path to Citizenship program, Build a Pro hopes to streamline the path from Legal-Migrant-Worker to Legalized Citizen Business Owner.


Takes into account their individual strengths to place them in positions that will allow them to thrive. Disabilities do not disqualify someone to participate in a fulfilling and profitable career. These folks will receive specialized supports that help them play to their strengths within the context of a traditional work environment.

By the Numbers


average $1.48 for every $1*

*US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. November 2021. Apprenticeship Whitepaper

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